Kageshin Dojo Newsletter: January 2009

Shaun Sadowski

Shaun Sadowski is a Daisempai (Senior Student) of the West Virginia Kageshin Dojo. Mr. Sadowski has been a personal student of Chief Dojo Cho Sensei Robert Stevens for over 10 years and has been officially ranked as (a certified Black Belt) Shodan Ninpo Taijutsu by Shoto Tanemura, grandmaster and leader of the Genbukan Organization. Twice a month, Shaun travels over 4 hours to seek out the personal teachings of Sensei Stevens at his home in Falling Waters, West Virginia. Although Mr. Sadowski solely trains in the martial arts of the Genbukan, he has studied and trained in Tae Kwon Do for over 8 years obtaining a 2nd Degree Black Belt. He also studied the Filipino martial art of Eskrima.. Mr. Sadowski served 3 years active duty for the United States Army, where he was stationed in Germany. The Army taught him many important lessons; however, the important virtues Shaun obtained in the Army was loyalty, honor and trust. A direct quote from Shaun Sadowski follows:

"My goal is to introduce the Martial Art of Ninpo to as many good people in the Northern Virginia area as possible. I want to give them the same opportunity, I was rewarded when I met Sensei Stevens over 10 years ago. I am not looking to make money or become rich through teaching; my wife and I are doing very well. I only seek to build a family of martial artist through the guidance of Sensei Robert Stevens."

Shaun Sadowski training with Sensei Stevens.
Sensei Stevens teaching Shaun Sadowski Biken Jutsu Techniques.

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