Kageshin Dojo Newsletter: January 2009

Jason Schwemmer

Jason SchwemmerJason Schwemmer has been involved in Martial Arts practically his entire life. Growing up around martial arts from a young age has developed a passion that can not be equaled. This Passion has taken him to Japan and around the world following his Grandmaster and Mentor Shoto Tanemura, Soke. He runs a dojo in Elkton Maryland and has students all over the East Coast. Here in America he has a personal teacher Kyoshi Gary Gamboi (6th Dan) and trains regularly with him through the Kageshin dojo located in Baltimore MD.

Dojo Cho Genbukan Ongyo Dojo
Shoden Menkyo Gyokko Ryu
Shoden Menkyo Shinden Fudo Ryu
San Dan Ninpo
Nidan Jujutsu
Chukyu Bojutsu
5th Kyu Kenjutsu

Systems Taught:
Genbukan Ninpo
Koryu Karate
Chugoku Kenpo

Address: 151 cherry hill rd
Elkton, MD 21921
United States

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