Kageshin Dojo Newsletter: January 2009

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Thank you for your interest in traditional Martial Arts. If you would like information about any of our groups or the Genbukan as an organization please contact me with the information below. If you would like to visit a certain location please contact me 48 hours in advance so I can make the proper arrangements for you. Private classes and group classes are available at all Kageshin Locations. To find out class times and hours of operation please let me know what location is closest to you, and I will have that team leader contact you. Please make sure to leave your phone number, e-mail and the best time to contact you.

If you are contacting us to schedule a Seminar or workshop at your location please list the dates and times that works best for you, along with a brief description of your interest and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Sensei Robert Stevens
Falling Waters , WV 25419

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Genbukan Kageshin Dojo
Att: Robert Stevens
Falling Waters, WV 25419