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Sensei Stevens in the Honbo Dojo in JapanThank you for taking the time to look into Traditional Martial Arts. The Genbukan Kageshin dojo is a unique school for many reasons. To start, the head instructor, Mr. Robert Stevens, has lived and trained in Japan and has been involved in Ninpo since 1986, and is training with the best grandmaster and teachers alive today. Mr. Stevens is a personal student of Kyoshi Gary Gamboi who is one of the top instructors in the Genbukan for the United States . Kyoshi Gamboi is a personal student of Soke Tanemura based out of West Palm Beach Florida . He teaches regular seminars at the Kageshin Dojo’s all over the East Coast. This ensures that each of the Kageshin schools offer a correct view and feel of warrior systems from the past, and shine light on what is new today. We learn from the past traditions to see what is true, then awaken to the reality of today. These principles are very important and you will be exposed to them to understand why they were and are still important today. We are blessed to have Kyoshi Gamboi guide us and mold us as true Genbukan students.

The Genbukan is not just a physical fighting system; there is training and development of the spirit and the mind to make us complete. Ninpo has combined martial arts and spiritual philosophy to make us complete human beings. You will learn the skills needed to be a great physical warrior but also to be a spiritual survivor, to make you a winner in life, not just the battlefield. Training in Ninpo will develop a pure heart and a greater sense of the world around you and your purpose in life. Let us help each other by making our world a much better place to live. In this happiness you will see the true gifts of Martial Arts.

Here is what you can expect from a Genbukan Kageshin Dojo. First, you will be starting a new life and we understand that. It will take time and the proper guidance to allow your mind and body to adjust from a civilian to a warrior student. We do this with a step by step curriculum personally designed by our Grandmaster in Japan . Shoto Tanemura, Soke. He is the founder of the Genbukan Ninpo World Ninpo Bugei Federation as well as the Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei, the Japan Kobudo / Koryu BujutsuWorld Federation, and the Amatsu Tatara World Federation. It is the true power of the combination of these wonderful organizations that gives the ability to see the best of the best of what is available anywhere on this planet. These organizations have been opened up so true Martial Arts can spread to all corners of the world for people to have true self defense and to enhance the quality of Human Life. At one time many of these traditions were very secret and only known by a handful of people. But our Soke has determined it is time for society to see these gifts for the sake of all mankind. So we are very fortunate and must take this opportunity seriously and with great responsibility.

To make your transition into this new world we have a team of Black Belt certified instructors guide you through the levels of knowledge and prepare you for testing. We have 10 different levels that will teach you many things about yourself and self-defense. Once you have met all the requirements for testing we will sit down together and look over your progression. If you meet all the required standards your rank will come directly from Japan signed by the Grandmaster. There are also certifications for weapons as well. You can be certified on Bojutsu (Rokushaku Bojutsu and Sanjaku Bojutsu), and Kenjutsu (Traditional Japanese Sword). Your journey through the Kyu system (below Black Belt) will take a few years (3-5) on average. Then your training really begins. At this time you begin to be exposed to the Traditional Ryu Ha or family scrolls. These systems are hundreds of years old and teach us many different aspects of Martial Arts from Japan and even China . From attacking the skeletal system (Koppo Jutsu), internal martial arts (Kosshi Jutsu), joint locks and throws of Jujutsu, and the list runs as deep as 24 different complete martial arts family scrolls. This also includes very special scrolls in Ninpo (Togakure Ryu, Gyokko Ryu, Koto Ryu, Gikan Ryu) Each family system will have an opportunity to receive a Menkyo Kaiden (mastership). This will guarantee the future of these scrolls and the historical family heritage.

Sensei Stevens and Shaun Sadowski in Japan 2005Each Kageshin dojo will offer indoor training, outdoor training, spiritual development, modern military tactics, non conventional warfare and over 36 different essentials called the Ninpo Sanjurokkei that consist of weapons, skills, abilities that will prepare you to live without fear and accept your destiny with a purpose. You will have opportunities to travel to meet great instructors from around the world, and the honor to be a student of Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura. And even the rare opportunity to travel to Japan and train directly with Soke and his top instructors.

So as you can see this is a true traditional school with legitimate instructors, world class mentors and most qualified and talented Grandmaster in the long history of any Martial Arts. It will give you every opportunity to see your own potential and your own purpose in life. Many institutions prepare you for just the next step. Conventional training in a program that takes you from grade school to high school, high school to college. Many spiritual centers talk of theory and faith. But there is no practical application that prepares you and continues to teach your entire life. What protection do you have for your dreams, what guidance do you have for your destiny, what would you do when someone threatens your family, your future or your life? What do you do when violence threatens your everything you have worked so hard to build. How helpless will you feel to watch someone you love get hurt because you do not know what to do and no one is there to help you? You do not have to live with these fears; you can do something about it.

Call me today to find the closest Genbukan School to your home town. See what over 2000 years of history and traditions can do for you and your future.

Genbukan Seminar in Baltimore, Maryland

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